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Fake ids card don't always get off the table. Cashiers at stores and bouncers at bars are suspicious when they see someone with an out-of-state id. Sometimes the cashier scans the magnetic strip on the id card. Fake id CARDS can be registered and confiscated. Ms. Dudley said no chain store like Tops or Wegmans could buy alcohol with a fake license, but smaller, privately owned stores would sell it to her. Dudley also had trouble using it in some bars. When she tried to use it to enter a local bar, the bodyguard found out the ID was fake and confiscated it. After her fake id Florida was confiscated, she tried to use the New York state id and was caught again. In all, she spent $160 on a fake card, and later borrowed a real id from a relative of her age to use in a bar.

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