The Following Document is the Privacy Policy of the Platform and Submission website and governs the rules of privacy of both the website as well as the author/publisher. It is mandatory for every individual using the website ( or its services to abide by the privacy policy. Failure to do so may result in the termination of access or membership with due legal action to follow. To take the responsibility for the content that has been displayed on our website and to make sure that the privacy, as well as integrity of all our users, is maintained, the following privacy policy rules shall stand irrespective of any case or exception.


The policy also describes how our platform collects the data and uses it.

Membership information

We hereby declare that whatever membership information that we collect or the private data of contact asked is stored in confidence and will not be sold to any third party sites or businesses. However, filling the information does mean that the user gives us the right to inform them about our services or other new additions from time to time.

Privacy of email

At, we use your email address to inform you about the new articles or listings in the directory. Also, we keep it as a point of contact so that you can be informed about the status of your submission or review. None of your contact information, including the email address is given to any third party ever.

At any point of time, you can unsubscribe from our mailing list. The information about the same is included in every email that is sent to you.

Personal Information collected

At, we collect your personal information or contact information to make sure that we are able to provide you with the best possible personal experience. Any part of the contact information or personal information is kept highly confidential. uses cookies in order to serve you better by having a look at your browser data and search history. servers will record all the information regarding the website or server access along with the time, apart from the browser information. This will help us retrieve information like country of origin as well as IP address to help you in access issues or problems if any.

How we Use the Information

The personal and the contact information that you provide is strictly used to inform you about the progress of the submission and the status of the publishing content. This may include the information about our products.

Even though we declare that no personal information will ever be traded, under any circumstance, non-personal information for statistics may be provided to third parties.

These third parties may also include managing services that help us in proper storage and management of the information provided to us by the users or members. It may also include payment services.

Contact information may also be given to competent law authorities or enforcement authorities on proper documentation, keeping in line with the laws.

Third Party Links

The website contains a few advertisements as well as third party links of associates. These websites and parties are not included or fall under the jurisdiction of our privacy policy. In order to make sure that the content or your information is safe when you visit these links or third party websites, we recommend that you go through their privacy policy first and then decide whether or not you would like to continue with their services. takes no legal claim or responsibility for any damage whatsoever, caused to your browser or machine once you leave the website.


At, we use a simple combination of some third party advertisements and schemes to put up ads on our website, based on the information collected from you personally, as well as through your browsing history. These third party software and applications have enabled us to provide our visitors with meaningful advertisements in which they might be interested in. After viewing the ad, we do not take any responsibility of the third party contacting you as they might do so in order to provide you with more information on their products and services.

Management of Data

Our team has some of the best security measures in place that protect your content as well as information from damage as well as loss. We have also provided our team with specific training procedures to help them cope with the real-time issues that might occur due to heavy traffic or some attack. We always restrict the access to users as well as team employees so that even the information they handle is kept confidential from them. With the highest level of discretion, we operate with all the tried and tested measures of security to ensure data integrity as well as the privacy of the content you submit.

Notification of changes has all the rights to modify the privacy policy of the website at any point of time, without giving any prior notice to the user or member. Whenever such a change shall take place, the users will not be notified on their personal contact information. Instead of individual messages or notifications, a message or notification shall be put up on the website for the users to check. It is the responsibility of the users to keep themselves updated of the new privacy policy or the added modifications. If you disagree to any of the clauses in the privacy policy or are not comfortable with the changes, you are hereby requested to stop using the website immediately and terminate your account along with your membership.

Continued use of the site’s resources, as well as services, shall be taken as an automatic acceptance of the added changes in the privacy policy.

User’s Choice and Contact

You can opt to decline to give us any of the personal information in which case you shall not be considered as a member of the site and shall not be provided any of the services.

If you wish to talk about any special clause in the policy or have any question as well as suggestions, you can always contact our team and they will get in touch with you.


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