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The following document describes the legal terms of use of the website platform www.alinscribe.com.Users, as well as authors, are requested to go through the following terms of use as these contain the guidelines for new members in order to use the platform and its services. By accepting this, the site and the reader/user/author/publisher, enter a legally binding agreement that shall be used as a reference in case of any conflict or dispute.

By submitting your content on the website, you-

  1. Declare that the content belongs to you in every aspect and that you are the sole owner of the submitted article or journal. Every aspect of it should be genuine and owned by you.
  2. Any submission made to our website or platform is tantamount to get published if it meets the quality standards required. On every submission, we hold the rights to publish the content in its original form and even feature it into the feeds and mail alerts to attract more readers.

  3. Once you have submitted the article to our platform, you also give us the permission to use the content or the submitted article and then publish it on some other website while giving you the full credits of the contribution. However, our website or company is not responsible for any copyright infringement. If so happens, all claims would be handled by the author or the requesting publisher, not the company itself. If you are not comfortable with any of these clauses, we advise you to stop the use of our website (www.alinscribe.com) and do not submit any article on the website.

  4. Once the article is submitted to our website or platform (www.alinscribe.com), we hold the rights to publish it or un-publish it from our website as per the changing trends or demands. Hence, our team has the rights to decide whether or not your post will be featured or displayed on the website. Also, it will be on our team to decide the total time period for which your article or content shall be displayed online and kept saved in the directory.

    After making an account with us, you need to submit an article within the next two weeks. If you fail to submit any article within the two weeks or are unable to get it published in a month, your membership might be reviewed for cancellation or termination.

  5. The classification of a particular content or article is done on the basis of tags and information submitted by the user, apart from the decision made by our editorial team. Once submitted, we hold the right to reclassify or change the category of your content and republish it accordingly.

  6. You hereby agree and acknowledge that the submission is completely free and that we do not indulge in payments for submission to our website or platform. Even though our website is visited by hundreds of thousands of unique visitors, we do not guarantee that you will get the same number of visitors for your article or website. Our main motive is to make your article known by the people so that they give more attention to you.

  7. We support the advertisement process. Hence, we reserve the right to display the advertisements along with your content or article. You hereby give us every right to do so.

  8. Your article will go under several quality checks and scrutiny before making it to the live pages. If we do not find your article upto the mark, it might be rejected right away. However, if the article is found to be meaningful and does require just a few corrections, our team will make the changes or gets back to you about the same so that the content can be made online at the earliest.

  9. We reject all contents that directly bring up a business website address for promotion. Instead of that, we allow only affiliate links for promotion, connecting the specific keyword and the content submitted by the writer.

    Also, any link that connects should belong to the domain name that you own. No content for the promotion for the separate pages of the website shall be entertained.

  10. You are hereby informed that use of PPC or PPV for manipulation of visits or reads of your content on our platform will not be entertained. If this happens, the company can terminate the account immediately.

You hereby agree that www.alinscribe.com reserves all the rights to change or alter the content of these terms of use of the website and anyone who does not agree to any of the introduced changes are hereby informed to leave the use of the website or its services effectively immediately.

www.ALInscribe.com does not ensure the reliability and the preciseness of the information provided in the content published on our website. No legal responsibility or liability should be considered by anyone regarding the same.

Our platform does not recommend or endorse any brand or author. The advertisements displayed are not a part of any third party initiated marketing campaign. Hence we & our team should not be held responsible for any damage incurred by using the advertise products or services on our website.

Our authors might include some of the leading experts in the industry. However, we still do maintain the clause that none of them gives any serious medical advice or psychological as well as spiritual consultation in the content published. They are simply putting their own perspective or view forward.

We and our team shall not be held responsible for any third party service or content that you might receive. We urge you to look at the individual terms of use and privacy policies of these rivals.

Last but not the least, all information must be kept private, especially if you are given a chance to come up and do so while remaining anonymous.  We declare that we do not use any part of the content of the website submitted to us by the users.


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