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Born in 1958 I spent all my life with dogs. I got my first Golden Retriever in 1975 and have been hocked on the breed ever since. My family consists of myself and two wonderful Goldens, Sunshine a boy and Sweetheart a girl. In 1978 I graduaded as a primary school teacher and in 1993 as a Psychologist. Since it is my passion to help people and their dogs, I ran a private psychotherapy practice for twenty years as well as running Golden Retriever and general dog training classes. I gave up my practice for humans and now I spend my time helping people create a wonderful life for themselves with their Golden Retrievers. By writing articles and ebooks as well as creating info products and running online courses, I strife to help people who want to lead a happier life with their pooches. In 2014 I had to part with my dog Sebastian. He suffered from an incurable auto immune disease which caused a condition called Megaoesophagus. Having to return him to the creater within three weeks after the onset of symptoms has put me into a state of shock and made me re-evaluate my whole life and purpose. In the same year I also lost a very dear friend and both losses made me realize once more that our lifetime is very limited and if we want to get things done we'd better take action whilst we can. That's why I finally wrote my first puppy book and started to concentrate on my webpage. My dog's life lasted only 10 years and I feel that I didn't enjoy his presence as much as I could have. I am still comming to terms with those two losses but I am sharing my message now - something I had always wanted to do but somehow never got round to doing. The message is simple: Love your dog and enjoy each and every moment you have him around! Time is too short to be spent worrying about problems. Do your best to solve them and then play with your furry friend!

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