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Bachpan Preschool in Nallagandla provides Montessori tools that are organised sequentially and progressively. Children start with simple activities and gradually move towards more complex ones as they develop their skills. This progression allows children to build upon their prior knowledge and challenges them at an appropriate level, promoting a sense of achievement and continuous growth. Montessori tools provide a multi-sensory experience simultaneously. Children can touch, manipulate, and explore the materials, which enhances their learning experience. After-school fun: At Bachpan kindergarten school in Nallagandla, engaging in fun activities outside the classroom can stimulate creativity and imagination. Whether it’s through art, music, drama, or other creative pursuits, students have the opportunity to explore their interests and express themselves in unique ways. Participating in enjoyable activities after school can help reduce stress and provide an outlet for relaxation. It allows students to unwind, recharge, and forget about the pressures of academic work. 

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