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Published:  2019-08-22 

Author:  MobileStyles

Published In:  Beauty

When it comes to wrinkle prevention, it pays to start taking good care of your skin now! As people get older then wrinkles come naturally. Skin gets thinner, drier and not able to protect from damage but nowadays young people also have . . . .


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Published:  2018-10-01 

Author:  MobileStyles

Published In:  Beauty

Some of the hottest and most talked about new beauty launches are soft, fluffy, and light as air. We take a look at the texture and application of some of the latest mousse makeup, as well . . . .


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Published:  2018-06-04 

Author:  MobileStyles

Published In:  Health & Fitness

As men age, maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes more and more challenging. Your body becomes more sensitive to the food you eat, you're more susceptible to injuries, and burning fat takes more time while juggling your time between family and your full-time job. How on earth do . . . .


Use the following link to read the full article ~ FOLLOW 3 ESSENTIAL STEPS FOR MEN OVER 40 CAN IMPROVE HEALTHY LIFESTYLE

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Published:  2018-03-16 

Author:  MobileStyles

Published In:  Beauty

If it’s true what they say, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," then why not decorate and adorn your precious peepers with the epitome of eyeshadow beauty, the smokey eye? The smokey eye . . . .


Use the following link to read the full article ~ SMOKEY EYES ARE, WELL, SMOKIN’ HOT!