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Published:  2017-01-12 

Author:  MisterX

Published In:  Science

Famous physicist Stephen Hawking celebrated his 75th birthday recently. Although he is physically helpless, his brilliant mind is working at its best. One of the greatest scientists of all time is suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), an incurable disease of the . . . .


Use the following link to read the full article ~ The Greatest Mind Of Today Corresponds To EIGHT KEY QUESTIONS OF LIFE

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Published:  2017-01-02 

Author:  MisterX

Published In:  History

Grady Stiles, who probably was never known by this name, was a popular lobster-boy, because of defect on his hands. At the time the surgery was in its infancy, people with deformities did not have much choice, or they retreated from the public or became a . . . .


Use the following link to read the full article ~ Story About Lobster-boy

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Published:  2016-12-31 

Author:  MisterX

Published In:  History

DNA analysis has enabled the British geneticists to determine the authenticity of the skeleton of Richard III, who was found under a car park in Leicester in 2012, and thus solve the mystery old five centuries.   Sequencing king's DNA, however, revealed . . . .


Use the following link to read the full article ~ Five Centuries Mystery Old! Death Remains Analysis Of Richard III Revealed Sexual Secrets Of Royal Family!

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Published:  2016-12-29 

Author:  MisterX

Published In:  History

Paris, capital of France is often called the "City of Light", and beneath it lies a dark underground world with the remains of six million of its former residents. In the Paris catacombs lies a network of old cages, tunnels, stone walls, and rows and rows of dead . . . .


Use the following link to read the full article ~ Under The the, City of Light