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Dheeraj Kaparthi is a 23 year old Indian Resident from the State of Andhra pradesh.

He is a Semi- Qualified Chartered accountant and Semi - Qualified Company secretary, having experience of more than 4 years the field of Finance, Accountancy, Law, Taxation. His experience includes working with automobile manufacturing concerns, Trading concerns and non-profit organisations.

Dheeraj is a member of ALinscribe.com who writes articles on the topics in the market that create awareness to the people. The articles contributed may be for a niche market of people regarding the queries and clarifications in various fields. 

When he isn't glued to the computer, he takes time out reading and continuously getting updated with the fast growing environment and the case laws, amendments in the field of law.He is also a technology enthusiast who is fond of smart wearables, games and other stuff.

He is a bike enthusiast who loves travelling on bike for long distances with friends and family, visiting tourist spots.He is also an active member working for few charitable organisations and helping the needy.

He started writing articles for his academic benefit to understand the complicated laws and matters which attracted his friends and his colleagues, thereby encouraging him to write it for the public. His unique way of writing articles focusing particular segment makes the readers more connected and interested in the articles and his simple way of writing without the use of Jargon words makes the articles easy to understand by the readers with no experience in the field.

He can be contacted at dheeru.raj1@gmail.com.